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Travelling - it leaves you Speechless Then turns you in to storyteller

not every story begins with once upon a time.

 I am  a courageous travel freak girl with ambitions higher than the sky and values which keep me down to earth. I am currently embarking on a journey without financial resources, relying solely on my skills. Throughout my 32 years of existence, I have witnessed numerous trials and tribulations, starting from a challenging childhood to a life in a hostel. Despite these challenges, I excelled academically and earned an MBA degree. I gained valuable experience working in both corporate and hospitality industries, and even secured a position in the central government. However, I made the difficult decision to resign in order to explore what truly resonates with my heart. I successfully operated my own event company, an esteemed dance studio, and ventured into other entrepreneurial endeavours, receiving accolades along the way. Nonetheless, I came to realise that these achievements did not align with my true desires in life. As fate would have it, my path led me to uncharted territories I had never envisioned.

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The first step

Quitting my government job and profit-making business has never been a point of interest for me. However, as a compassionate individual, I have always been driven to address mental health and other social issues by undertaking small endeavours. previously, I had the privilege of being invited as an entrepreneur to deliver a seminar at my college. Standing amidst representatives from renowned and popular brands, the atmosphere resembled the climax of a blockbuster movie, where every student was captivated by my presentation. I incorporated various travel adventures, such as bungee jumping and paragliding, along with the valuable life lessons I derived from them, into the narrative of an entrepreneur’s journey. The experience left me with an overwhelming feeling of passion and fulfilment. Indeed, engaging with new individuals and sharing life experiences is an aspect of my work that truly resonates with me.

the timeline

Ladkiyon Ghar Se Bahar Nikalo

Then, I embarked on my initial project of conducting suicide prevention sessions, drawing inspiration from my personal tragedies in life. I have experienced this trauma three times myself, contemplating ending my own life, but destiny intervened and saved me. Through these experiences, I gained an understanding of the root causes and psychological problems associated with such situations. These sessions gained immense popularity, and during one of my delivery sessions at an institute, a gang rape case in Hyderabad sent shockwaves throughout the nation, instilling fear in everyone’s hearts.

During this session, as we engaged in discussions, I felt a surge of motivation to do something extraordinary. Given that the entire incident began with an “Activa” scooter, I made it my mission to transform this scooter into a symbol of strength. Thus, the “Ladkiyon Ghar Se Bahar Nikalo” (Let Girls Step Out of Their Homes) campaign was born. Later on, this campaign was recognized as a world record, as I became the first woman in India to embark on a long journey, covering the distance in just 18 days.

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Story behind kabira fakira life

Upon the completion of this initiative, we were all struck by the impact of the ongoing pandemic. This experience led me to reflect on my yearning for new connections and the desire to explore. At that moment, I couldn’t help but think about the simpler times of “Ramrajay,” where people engaged in barter and money held no significance. It made me ponder the origin of currency and how it has evolved to become such a crucial aspect, often overshadowing peace, happiness, and other important values. My life has been filled with various experiments, and my mind is now prepared to delve deeper into this subject.


Hence, I embarked on an experiment of travelling without relying on monetary means, utilising my trusty Avenger 220cc motorcycle for a ride dedicated to the youth. Throughout this journey, I covered over 20,000 kilometres, traversing all corners of India, including its 28 states, 9 union territories, and spanning from north to south, east to west. Remarkably, I achieved this feat without spending a single penny from my own pocket.


the timeline

Upon the completion of this ride, an unfortunate road accident transpired, resulting in a rather severe mishap that led to a hairline fracture in my rib. Subsequently, the doctor advised me to abstain from any activities that could exert pressure on said rib. Considering that my family resided elsewhere and my friends were occupied with their professional commitments, I resolved to find an alternative means of transportation to facilitate my movement. Thus, I resorted to availing myself of the generosity of fellow strangers who were heading in the same direction as my intended destination, effectively embarking on a novel form of travel known as hitchhiking. Consequently, I am currently engaged in hitchhiking with strangers and unfamiliar individuals as part of my latest endeavour, Parwaz – a groundbreaking project aimed at becoming the first Indian woman to hitchhike through six countries.



This magazine is a saga of a girl who worked relentlessly to make this world a safe and a better place for everyone. The adventurous journey of Neetu Chopra is not only inspiring but full of hopes for the youth to stand up for what is right.

Neetu Chopra

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True traveler is the one who embraces the unknown with open arms and A curious Heart