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To my dynamic life journey. From the transition from student to the working world, and from the working world to entrepreneurship, I have experienced a range of emotions, including heartbreak, as well as moments of celebration and sadness.
However, one aspect of my life has remained consistent: travel.

life story

Neetu Chopra’s commendable bike journey, initiated on September 26th (Vishav Nadi Diwas) and concluded on January 14th after 108 days, covered an impressive 20,356 km across 28 states and 9 union territories from Kashmir to Kanyakumari on zero cost.

Highly appreciated by ministers, Neetu Chopra’s expedition was driven by a dual purpose – to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote girl safety. The journey, marked by its precision and conciseness, showcased a commitment to these crucial causes.


"Dar ko darao Daring ban jao" is the theme of this project. To make females feel safe we must ensure our safety by becoming fearless. Therefore, our Rider Girl has decided to hitchhike this time and aimed to meet truck drivers more to understand their outlook toward women. Travelling to five different countries she will try to understand women's safety issues on a larger level.

India is a country where every second we witness…. cases each moment. Thus, Neetu Chopra has decided to hitch hack this time and deliver self- defense sessions in 5 different countries. With these daring steps, she wants to spread the message of - The Power of being Fearless. Moreover, she is trying to get maximum lifts from truck drivers as it's said that they commit rape in many cases. Thus, to understand their mindset she had taken up this daring challenge.


The extraordinary voyager who's mastered every road & trail of India, earning world records on both scooter and bike.


Parwaz (Recent)


Ride 4 Youth


Ride 4 Revolution

"The Traveller with multiple dimensions"

To produce a successful movie, one must possess a variety of skills and endure numerous experiences – much like traveling.


unforgottable moments

Immobilized in the GLACIER

I found myself in a challenging situation at the Nangjungba Glacier, where I unfortunately suffered a severe injury due to a fall from a rock. Furthermore, my backpack slipped and ended up in the glacier, leaving me in a precarious position. With no access to food or water, I had to endure two days and one night in this avalanche-prone area. However, through perseverance and determination, I managed to find a way out the following morning, albeit after a great deal of struggle.


I had the privilege of embarking on a remarkable journey to Andaman and Lakshadweep under the auspices of my esteemed project, “Youth Interaction Session 2.0”. The tourism in Andaman and the sports facilities in Lakshadweep provided me with a unique opportunity to soar to greater heights. This luxurious expedition entailed my stay at the exquisite Banagaram resort in Lakshadweep, where the administration graciously greeted me with a helicopter. Moreover, I had the pleasure of indulging in a first-class cabin cruise experience and partaking in various exhilarating water sports.


I was determined to soar through the skies like an eagle, but unfortunately, my physical injury posed a significant obstacle. Despite this challenge, I decided to push myself to the limit. I enrolled in the comprehensive paragliding course offered by TT School of Paragliding in Himachal Pradesh. While most individuals complete this course within 7-10 days, it took me a total of 28 days. Nevertheless, I am immensely proud to have overcome this adversity and achieved a remarkable feat.

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CHadar trek teaser

During my project PARWAZ – Dar ko Darao Daring Ban jao” Hitchhiking to five countries. In this winter season I have tick mark one of the my Wishlist of completing This most dangerous trek of INDIA i.e. Chadar trek and that too without money with the help of Administration and local people.

fear vs roar- ignite your fire

We all want to do so many things in our life but we are concerned and afraid of our social sigma, status,reputation, reputation what other people will think about us etc. But i choosen ROAR over the FEAR , so here i am sharing my experiences with you in a talk show IGNITE YOUR FIRE

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poetry -

Performing Poetry on Relationship on Artist Day at Thalagiri, Udaipur.

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”Dui te m civilis eodem qui M magnis eum in quae ab ante, hic quo dis. Magna per aut propositum – per esse utinam gordius.”


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”Dui te m civilis eodem qui M magnis eum in quae ab ante, hic quo dis. Magna per aut propositum – per esse utinam gordius.”


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”Dui te m civilis eodem qui M magnis eum in quae ab ante, hic quo dis. Magna per aut propositum – per esse utinam gordius.”


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Vel id v fatalis earum dis D hostem nec te quos ab fuga, est mus est. Eodem cum dis publicarum – hac modo capita viscera a pericula risus est nam honorem.”


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