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The Record Setter

Ride 4 Revolution​

During one of her sessions, she got to know about the Hyderabad gang rape case where a veterinary doctor’s Activa was punctured. She was raped by the four accused and was eventually killed. To eradicate this fear, our Eagle saw an opportunity in the adversity.

We cordially invite skilled editors proficient in premier pro, after effect, and other professional editing software to join our team. We are seeking individuals who can expertly edit videos for YouTube and Instagram reels.

Everest base camp-6

The Second Record

Ride for youth

She had travelled a complete circuit of India on her motorbike Avenger 220cc covering 20354 kilometres in only 108 days, including all the 28 states, 09 Union Territories and the four corners of India.​

During the ride, she interacted with 13, 000 youth of different institutes, associations & clubs with the shoutout  “Yuva jagega tabhi to desh bachega”. Additionally, this ride was without spending money with the help of strange local people & administration, she proved & made the youth realise that Passion is more important than money.

The Record Setter


India is a country where every second we witness…. cases each moment. Thus, Neetu Chopra has decided to hitch hack this time and deliver self-defence sessions in 5 different countries.

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True traveler is the one who embraces the unknown with open arms and A Curious Heart.

Neetu Chopra