Corona Se Bache- A video by Sakshi Chauhan

Corona Se Bache- A video by Sakshi Chauhan

Sakshi Chauhan- A voice that can rejoice

Sakshi is a multi-talented artist with an amazing understanding of music, she stands out of the rest.

Sakshi has been playing guitar and learning vocal from a very young age. She believes music is her life and she is nothing without music. She has been teaching music for years now . At such a young age she has brilliantly acquired great knowledge. Her voice has a soothing effect, listening to her rejoices my soul.    

Everybody has challenges in life, but Sakshi had a whole lot of challenges. Sakshi faced every challenge very strongly and became voice she is today.

Till date she has worked with most prominent artists of India including Shamit Tyagi, Abhijeet Sawant, Rekha Raj, Sumedha karmehe, Vikram hazra.

I am very elated to feature a video from such a talented artist in my post, please watch the video , do like share and subscribe her channel. 

Keep reading, Stay Home, Stay safe

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